Your battlefield tour will, if planned correctly, be memorable and for many a moving experience, whether you are following in the steps of a long lost relative or simply want to understand a previous generation.

Whilst it can be relatively easy to travel to the World War One battlefields of France and Belgium using the modern motorway systems and fast ferries, past experience has shown that to gain the very best out of your battlefield tour it is vital to know the best routes and book the best hotels to gain quick and easy access to the battlefields during your stay.

We always look at a battlefield tour as having three vital components.  First, the journey to and from the area of the battlefield.  Secondly, the correct hotel, or other accommodation, near the battle you wish to explore.
Finally the detailed knowledge of the battlefield; including key locations on the ground, who fought there and when and equally why!  It is only by combining all three will you truly have a battlefield tour to remember.

That is where we can help

Grave of Captain JL Green VC

After many years of travelling to and from both France and Belgium and other areas, taking individuals, small groups or a coach party, we have built up an extensive knowledge that would form the spine of any battlefield tour you were to book with us.  

If you then add to this each and every member of your group will have their own Battlefield Tour Notes which include mapping and reference material referred to during the tour.

It is not hard to see why many people come back and book with us again year after year.

So how can we help? We can provide a full package, with a doorstep collection and all transport plus hotel accommodation for your battlefield tour, or we can act as your guide, allowing you the freedom to travel to and from the area of the battlefields.

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