Many clients who join my tours understand more about their fathers, grandfathers or other relatives’ wartime experiences by walking the ground, they start to understand what it must have been like grappling with the enemy at close quarters.

But this experience cannot answer all the questions:

What medals were awarded?  When did he join up?  When was he promoted?  Where can I find the war diary & medal citations?

Such questions need additional research as do other notable events that will have shaped any military career.

If you want such additional information you should consider booking research packages to find out more, needless to say, we do this on your behalf if you want it included in your battlefield tour.

This additional research is conducted by my associate Simon Fowler, one of Britain’s top military genealogists. Simon Fowler is a researcher and writer specialising in military genealogy.  He has researched dozens of soldiers, sailors and airmen, from humble privates to some senior staff officers.  He has also written many articles and books on researching Army documents and records. Click Here to read & learn more about Simon Fowler.

To commission Simon for your research project will cost just £120.00 for which you will receive:

A short biography of the person researched summarising what has been discovered about the individual.  This information will include where they served, promotions and medals awarded.  The biography will also put into context their service in the wider history of the campaign they took part in plus;

  • Copies of documents that mention the individual might include:
  • Service records (First World War only)
  • Medal Index Cards (First World War only)
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission and related records including location of last resting place.
  • Extracts from war diaries either directly mentioning the individual or describing the actions they fought in.
  • Extracts from London Gazettes, newspapers and other resources as appropriate.

Sadly it is not possible to find photographs of individuals, medical records or service records for men and women in the services after 1920.

How do I start my own Battlefield Research Package?

To make a start on your research project all that is needed is the name of the individual to be researched.  However, it will be helpful to also have their; Service number, Rank, any known unit(s) they served with and roughly when they served, plus details of any medals they were awarded or any family stories.

The package includes up to four hours of research at The National Archives and other archives and libraries.  In exceptional circumstances, where there are considerable documents and research resources to go through, as an example for a senior officer, four hours may not be enough for a full research, if this is the case you will be informed as soon as possible.