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Below are a number of links other web sites that you may find of interest or helpful:

The Last Post Every evening since 1928, at precisely eight o’clock, the Last Post, the traditional salute to the fallen soldier, has been played under the Menin Gate Memorial in Ieper Belgium. This daily tribute, performed by a team of local buglers, serves to honour the memory of the soldiers of the British Empire who fought and died in the Ypres Salient during the First World War. Click Here for More.

Battlefield Research Package  Many clients who join my tours understand more about their fathers, grandfathers or other relatives war time experiences by walking the ground, they start to understand what it must have been like grappling with the enemy as close quarters.  But what if you need to find more information, What medals did he win?  When did he join up? When was he promoted?  Click Here for More.

Italy Battlefield Tour  If you are looking for a battlefield tour to Italy we suggest you contact Cassino Battlefields who specialise in battlefield studies to Cassino, Anzio and Salerno.  During each battlefield tour, like ourselves, they will examine the detail of the conflict from a military perspective and focus on the activities at Battalion, Brigade, Division and Corps level. Click Here for More.

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