Clients Comments

Below are some clients comments after joining me on a battlefield tour:

I really enjoyed the battlefield tour of Normandy, as I now read books or view movies, it will give me a better perspective of what they went through’

‘… you managed to make it all so much more interesting.  The Sunken Lane where the Lancashire Fusiliers suffered so many casualties; the place poet Siegfried Sassoon won his Military Cross plus so many more interesting and moving stories, thank you’

‘ … with out a battlefield tour guide like Matt Limb, a battlefield is just a field’

‘ … We have been to the UK, Europe  the Caribbean and Northern Africa and the experience you provided with your battlefield tour was certainly one of the best experiences we have ever had’

‘Siegfried Sassoon asked in 1918, Have you forgotten yet? …  Matt does this, with an educational & emotional experience that will change your perspective – no matter your age, gender or family history’

‘You have an excellent blend of visualisation, stories and analysis that keeps everyone engaged, it was a well balance battlefield tour and the administration was faultless; again thank you’

‘To actually get to the spot where my Grandfather died and find where he is buried, and try to imagine just what he went through is beyond words’

‘Thank you for your professionalism and hard work that made the battlefield tour a total success, without exception we all came away with a far greater insight into the conflicts of World War One’

‘Matt, you have a passion for the history and it certainly shows during your battlefield tours …. Thank You’

‘ … the descriptions of the events, as seen through the eyes of a soldier, made this an experience of a lifetime, thanks so much for making this such a memorable experience for us …’

‘The visit to my Great Uncles grave on that suitably wet morning was very moving and something I had always wanted to do, many thanks’

‘ I sure learned a lot … Matt does a great job … walking the battlefields with Matt Limb is like walking Rome with Julius Caesar …’.

‘May I thank you for the most fascinating battlefield tour that I could have ever imagined and finding where Susan’s Grandfather had served was without doubt astounding’

‘I have done a number of battlefield tours … and believe me it does not get any better than one with Matt Limb’

‘I defy anyone to say they are not moved by their time with Matt as you walk the battlefields’