What is a Battlefield Tour

somme_modernWhat is a battlefield tour?  In the simplest terms, a battlefield tour is a visit to a battlefield but the reason for exploring the battlefields are many and varied.  Whilst we cannot fully experience the conditions our forefathers would have endured hand to hand fighting, I know a battlefield tour will give you a far better understanding of what it must have been like to have served, for King & Country, as you walk in their footsteps.

Some join me to follow, or find, a long lost family member, who may have paid the ultimate price, and never returned home; now many years later a relative, from a modern generation, has questions that need to be answered.

Whatever the reason Matt Limb Battlefield Tours will promise to answer your questions.

We will visit the battlefield, not the many memorials and museums, but the battlefield itself where our fore fathers grappled with the enemy at close quarters.

In simple terms, a battlefield tours must be ‘your battlefield tour’ it must be special, unique and individual to you.  It must answer your needs and your questions and allow you to explore, find and understand.

I do not see a battlefield tour as a package holiday on a pre-planned itinerary, with a tight, scripted time-table to cover as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Wars were never fought like that, and it cannot answer your many questions or allow you the freedom and opportunity to explore and more important understand; or find and follow your distinct relative.

Matt Limb Battlefield Tours prides itself of delivering exclusive and bespoke battlefield tours that satisfy the needs and requirements of its many and varied clients, so allowing them to answer their questions and to satisfy the many feelings they have.

With detailed planning from the moment you book we will work with you to ensure you get ‘your battlefield tour‘ that will answer ‘your‘ many questions.

When will you join me and walk in the foot steps of hero’s on your battlefield tour?

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